This Greyhound Kept Moving His Bed Each Morning. When I Saw Why, I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

Mr. Fry is a beautiful greyhound who was adopted from an Arizona Greyhound Rescue operation.

Mr. Fry is a very healthy, happy, and intelligent pooch. However, much like Momo the Border Collie, this greyhound seems to have a bit of a mysterious side as well. Every morning his humans have noticed that his bed has moved closer and closer to them! When you see the explanation for it, your heart is bound to melt!

If the humans move into another room, Mr. Fry will pull his bed along beside him to make sure he has a comfortable place to rest alongside his best friends! Mr. Fry is just another example of how much dogs love their humans and humans love their dogs.

Mr. Fry is currently a therapy dog for Sunrise Senior Living in Tucson, AZ. When he’s not laying in the sun or taking a quick cat-nap, he can be found bringing comfort and love to all the people in his local senior living homes.

It’s wonderful dogs like Mr. Fry that make these senior living facilities a real home that everyone can be happy to live in.

What did you think of Mr. Fry’s adorable antics? Have you ever seen a dog do this before? It’s just too cute!

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