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12 Reasons Why No One Should Ever Have Pomeranians

1. From the moment they are born they are just terrifying… Not cute at all !

cute puppies pomeranian funny dogs

2. Not cute at all!

beautiful dog pomeranian

3. Pomeranians will never make you laugh…

funny pomeranian toys pics

4. You never know when they take a break…

sleep pomeranian dog pup

5. They don’t like to play…

cute pomeranian play leaves

6. Pomeranians will never listen to you…

pomeranians listen you dogs

7. They don’t even get on that well with one another…

cute pomeranians white dogs

8. They couldn’t care less about you and when you get home…

cute face pomeranian pics

9. They are just bullies when they are sleeping…

sleeping pomeranians cute pics

10. They always have many problems…

cute dog pomeranian pics photo

11. Do you think this dog is beautiful?

Beautiful pomeranin dog pics

12. Don’t get one of these monsters! It will be the biggest mistake you ever do!

cute white pomeranian dog

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